More about Selmer, Tennnessee

Pickwick Lake, fed by a multitude of Tennessee rivers is located 15 miles from Selmer so water sports, fishing, and camping are popular forms of recreation in the area.

Selmer Public Schools are part of the McNairy County School District. Selmer operates three public schools: an elementary, middle, and high school. A new high school facility was completed in 1997 for the district's student population of approximately 450 students. Calvary Christian Academy (1-9) and Grace Christian Academy (K-12) are two private schools operating in the area.

Bethel College, a local higher-learning institution, offers a range of undergraduate, pre-professional, interdisciplinary and graduate courses and degrees. The Tennessee Technology Center at Selmer provides post-secondary education in the technical field.

Selmer is home to McNairy Regional Hospital, a 46-bed facility with a 24-hour emergency room..

The Robert Sibley Airport is located five miles from Selmer.

Major cities nearest to Selmer include Jackson (to the north) and Memphis (to the west).